The London Design Festival is an annual event that celebrates London as a world design capital. This work was completed while employed at Pentagram under Domenic Lippa, who has been designing the annual Festival theme since 2007.

The 2016 theme is a typographic solution inspired by the Eames’ belief that ‘design is in the detail’. Cropping into words reveals the negative spaces and elegant swashes of the letterforms, creating new compositions and shapes.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the major Festival hubs; large environmental graphics distinguish this event from other ongoing exhibitions.

The Guide is a big portion of the creative direction and implementation, with more than 200 pages of content designed to guide Londoners around 400+ events and exhibitions hosted throughout the city.

Similar cultural sector projects completed while working at Pentagram include London Design Festival 2015, London Design Festival 2017, and the inaugural London Design Biennale.