Generalism Specialist and
multi-disciplinary designer—
image creator & communicator,
object maker & contextualizer;
word nerd, detail sponge,
bread breaker, thought jotter,
system shuffler, scheme plotter.

First from sunny Florida to South London,
UAL Chelsea to Pentagram design studio.
Then from England to New England for
RISD Master of Industrial Design (2020),
developing transdisciplinary approaches
for equitable and urgent systems-shifting.

Now designing and writing as Entropy Studio,
home for the creative work of cross-sector translation,
the strategic work of complex systems transition,
and the ethical work of forging longterm allyship.

Current & recent collaborators include:
Altimeter Group, Center for Complexity, 
Nuclear Threat Initiative, Horizon 2045, 
Brown University, Yale University, Rhode
Island School of Design,
Hyundai Motor Group, 
Sandia National Laboratories, United Nations

Happy to partner, freelance, chat.
Prints and CV available upon request.

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