The N Square Innovators Network consists of interdisciplinary leaders who brainstorm, prototype, and pilot creative approaches to reducing nuclear weapons threat. The inaugural cohort culminated in the 2018 N Square Innovation Summit at RISD, where a range of projects was showcased at Signals from the Future: Creative approaches for addressing nuclear risk. The following year, Cohort 2 announced their projects to future collaborators and funders in Washington DC.

The work here is a collaboration between designers and nuclear experts in fields related to satellite imagery, nuclear physics, energy strategy, journalism, policymaking, and security research.

Can You Verify? is a scalable competition that invites artists and designers to graphically interpret explanations by nuclear experts about specific verification procedures, techniques, and industry jargon. Resulting posters and public exhibitions visualize and provoke more inclusive conversation about our collective safety and security.

Black Lives Against The Bomb is a multimedia website* and research narrative that advocates for renewed black leadership against nuclear weapons. African Americans have long recognized the throughline of US militarism in violence directed against individual black bodies, cyberwarfare in the form of targeted disinformation, and escalation of nuclear risk.

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