Educational materials for endangered language revitalization in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

The Shared Sequester
Design thesis and philosophy for climate change mitigation through equitable carbon sequestration

Fulbright Finland
Co-design for inclusive scientific research and Arctic climate policymaking

Horizon 2045
Transition design and creative direction for a consortium’s effort to end the nuclear weapons century

Shape of Innovation
Object-based workshop for workplace creativity and dialogue at the United Nations

The Wandering
Concept design and print production for an experimental multimedia Schubert opera

Aerocene, Biocene, Anthropocene
Speculative design research for urban mobility futures and the value of nature beyond biomimicry

Editorial direction and print design for a semesterly multimedia publishing platform

Nuclear Innovators Network
Interdisciplinary prototypes for diversifying involvment in nuclear threat reduction

Polycene Design Manual
Editorial direction for a collaborative exploration of design principles in today’s polycrisis